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Discover Italy in a Ferrari…

Here I am, Julia Shore, right where I belong, touring Italy in a red Ferrari!

Can you picture yourself behind the wheel of Ferrari’s newest model, zipping down the Tuscan countryside? Discovering Italy in a Ferrari… is truly an unforgettable experience!

I was one of the lucky travel-industry professionals to be invited for a weekend at Villa La Massa, a beautiful 5-star property outside of Florence, to sample a day tour in the Tuscan countryside. Tours by Ferrari is a completely unique concept. This is not a rental car company where you pick up a Ferrari and race down the unfamiliar roads of Tuscany or any other part of Italy. Instead, they offer a planned itinerary with every detail of your road trip arranged for you: a coffee break stop, a picturesque place for lunch, a visit to a winery, and even a specific cultural site along the route of your choice.

Your tour director, a “Ferrari Pilot”, leads the way. He is in constant contact with you, letting you know of every bump along the road, when to slow down, how to take the curve, and when the road opens, so that you can step on the accelerator and feel the adrenaline rush! There is nothing quite like a first-hand experience, and until I tried it myself, I had no idea just how special this was.

Besides Ferrari, there are other exotic types of cars one can opt to drive.

All routes are carefully mapped out to provide each driver with a “race track-like” experience with scenery to match. The vehicle itself is beyond anything you can imagine! You can choose how to drive: automatic or manual; top-up (hardtop) or convertible. When I was a pilot, I opted for “automatic” and drove as fast as the speed limit would allow. Then I switched seats and became a copilot and listened to the engine roar, as my partner opted to drive this amazing machine manually.

Who is the ideal candidate for this type of experience? Anyone that enjoys cars, driving, scenery, and sightseeing along the way, and those that just like to drive the Mile Miglia road.

This historic endurance race, which started in 1927, was reborn in 1977, and since then is a regular race for classic and vintage sports cars.

You can drive for just a day from a base either in Florence or Rome or opt for a 3-day drive from Rome to Florence along the Mile Miglia road. If your budget allows, why not spend a week discovering various corners of Italy? All itineraries are custom-designed to fit individual needs and desires. This is not an inexpensive experience, but I assure you, it is one you are unlikely to ever forget.

Imagine pairing the Ferrari experience with Villa La Massa? You can find this 16th-century sprawling estate just a few miles outside the city center of Florence, perfectly positioned on the banks of the Arno River. With a total of 37 rooms and suites located in 3 separate buildings– the Noble Villa, the Mill, and the Villino– it feels like a home, a peaceful oasis spread over 22 acres of manicured grounds studded with lemon trees and olive groves. There is a small spa and a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the Arno where you can sip your Prosecco and listen to the sounds of nature.

For more information on Ferrari tours or Villa La Massa, call (800) 313-1274 or email me.

I have experienced it, and I will be able to help you decide on just the right accommodations as well as the driving route that is just right for you.

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