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Sailing in Croatia…

Croatia is a mix of “Mediterranean” and “Central European”. It is simultaneously mountainous and flat, coastal and continental, and one of the top European countries with regard to biodiversity. Croatia’s location has long made it a country of strategic importance, and the various civilizations that have been influential here over the centuries have all left their legacy in the rich and diverse culture. Continental Croatia is famous for its intact natural beauty and historical castles, but the most beautiful parts of Croatia are the coastal areas and the islands.

The Adriatic Sea is famous for its crystal clear waters and more than a thousand islands. Some islands are large with centuries-old historic towns boasting castles, fortresses, and wonderful restaurants located on narrow lanes. Some islands are covered in dense old forests boasting a coastline of soaring cliffs. Then there are other islands that are covered with pine and rare plants, as well as those that are completely arid, isolated, and uninhabited.

Croatia’s coastal areas are best explored from the comfort of a boat. A cruise ship is certainly an option, but the best way to discover the coastal beauty is a yacht charter which gives you the opportunity to explore at your own pace. The breathtaking views and historic charm are the backdrops of this spectacular coastline.

The scent and the rich color of the lavender fields on Hvar, the mouthwatering green olives on Korcula, the Mljet National Park, and excellent local wines-- what more can a single country offer? Experience the Venetian architecture of the Old City of Dubrovnik or the Heritage town of Trogir and capture the evening light in all the bays you visit. Your choice is a top-notch gulet, motor, or a sailboat with a service-oriented English-speaking crew. The only way to see Croatia is from the water. Call or email me for all your charter needs….

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