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Where to go in Croatia, during this Holiday Season.

During Christmas, many cities and towns in Croatia come alive with festive decorations, markets, and a joyful atmosphere. One of the best destinations during Christmas in Croatia is Zagreb, which is known for hosting one of the most enchanting Christmas markets in Europe.


1. Advent in Zagreb:

The city center transforms into a winter wonderland with various events and activities.

Ban Jelačić Square features a large Christmas tree and a festive atmosphere.

Stroll through Zrinjevac Park, adorned with lights and decorations.

Don't miss the ice skating rink in King Tomislav Square.

2. Christmas Markets:

Explore the numerous Christmas markets offering local crafts, gifts, and delicious food.

Visit the market in European Square for a diverse selection of goods.

Enjoy traditional Croatian sweets and mulled wine.

3. Entertainment and Events:

Attend concerts, cultural performances, and events held throughout the city.

Experience the festive spirit with street performers and carolers.

4. Upper Town (Gornji Grad):

Take a funicular or walk to the Upper Town for charming views of the city lights.

Visit St. Mark's Square, where the iconic St. Mark's Church is beautifully illuminated.

5. Culinary Delights:

Sample traditional Croatian Christmas delicacies, such as fritule (doughnuts) and kuhano vino (mulled wine).

Explore local restaurants for festive meals.

Zagreb's Advent season has received recognition for its magical atmosphere and has been voted the "Best Christmas Market in Europe" multiple times. The combination of cultural events, festive decorations, and a welcoming atmosphere makes Zagreb an excellent destination for a memorable Christmas experience in Croatia.

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