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Yachting in Croatia

Most U.S. travelers would have a difficult time identifying Croatia on a map, but rest assured, your photos of Croatia and tales of your experiences while yachting will be envied by all. Without a doubt, Croatia is a yachtsman’s paradise and SeaDream Yacht Cruises is an ideal way to explore this beautiful country of mine.

SeaDream Yacht carries only 110 passengers and a crew of 95. The cabins are comfortable, equipped with “high-tech toys”, luxurious bedding, and comfortable bathrooms. You will not find balconies here; neither will you miss them. There is plenty of deck space where one can find a cozy nook and cranny outdoors and watch the world go by.

There are no schedules, no fixed times, and almost everything is included. The atmosphere onboard is sophisticated, yet unpretentious, and both cuisine and service are outstanding. All ships offer “outdoor” dining, but there isn’t anything that compares to SeaDream. Just imagine dining al fresco and your view is the UNESCO site – Dubrovnik! I guarantee it will be memorable!

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