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We know you have a choice when it comes to group jet expeditions, which is why we take pride in offering exclusive private jet vacations with only 52 guests on the new Airbus A321, as opposed to 76 guests on a no-longer-supported Boeing 757. Our Airbus A321 is a luxury private jet that offers an unparalleled journey. With a smaller group size, every aspect of your trip is more personalized.

Our commitment to exclusivity on our luxury private jets goes beyond just the group size, it extends to every aspect of your adventure. In addition to an excellent staff-to-guest ratio that will provide more personalized service, you will tour in smaller groups and spend less time waiting for things like luggage delivery and boarding vehicles.

The new Airbus A321 luxury airplane makes up only one facet of your journey. It’s on the ground that Julia's Travels—as the pioneer and leader in Group Jet Expeditions—really shines.

The New Airbus A321 Luxury Private Jet

Travel in comfort and ease aboard the brand-new Airbus A321* luxury private plane, your home-away from home during your expedition. 

Next-Level Comfort
  • Largest cabin of any single-aisle aircraft

  • Custom Italian-leather flatbed seats

  • Burns 30% less fuel than a Boeing 757

  • WIFI and inflight entertainment available

Time Savings
  • Fly direct on your luxury private jet between destinations where possible, avoiding layovers

  • Maximize time immersed in local cultures

Redefining Luxury Jet Travel

​At Julia's Travels we offer a different kind of luxury private jet travel experience, one that is meticulously designed to foster a spirit of discovery. Our policy is to think of and do everything, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can just leave the details to us. 

Before You Depart: Dedicated Guest Services Manager
  • Available to answer your questions and anticipate your needs

  • Assists in navigating visa application process

Throughout Your Jet Vacation

Our comprehensive and curated services ensure that every aspect of your private jet trip is taken care of, leaving you free to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Experienced Expedition Team: Expedition Staff
  • Manage all logistics, so that you can just enjoy your trip 

  • Fill out customs forms, so all you have to do is sign 

  • Handle luggage throughout the journey so that you remain unencumbered 

  • Full-time Julia's Travels staff members, meaning they are focused on your experience all year long.

  • Selected for proximity to sights and ease of access 

  • Five-star and unique wherever possible, depending on destination remoteness or level of development 

  • Chosen to reduce drive times where possible

Bringing Each Destination to Life

At the heart of our expeditions is the desire to connect you with the cultures of the places we visit. Our multi-pronged enrichment program is designed to give you a true sense of what makes each destination special.

World-Renowned Experts
  • On-trip subject matter experts travel with you the whole journey to enrich your experience

  • Share expertise both in the air and on the ground

  • Provide cultural context and connections

  • Available for informal chats over meals and during excursions

  • From a variety of backgrounds including history, art, science and diplomacy

Local Guides and Staff
  • Provide unique insights into each destination

  • Live in the community and connect you to the culture

  • Guide you through customs and airports

Insider Access and Immersive Activities
  • Private access and unique experiences

  • Variety of daily options

  • You choose what interests you the most

  • Broken into groups of 6 to 12 people

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